Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning

FluX is a machine learning enabled, NLP and text analytic tool

Communications is part of everyday business and it is vital for operations to run smoothly. Good communication is not limited to inside the business but also extends to the customer. Customer service in telecommunication businesses today is mainly based on email and chat correspondence. Each email from a customer is referred to as a support ticket. For small or medium sized companies it might be sufficient to have a single email inbox for which the whole support team collaborate on customer support tickets.

However this approach is not scalable, as the company grow, the support team also grows. Consider a scenario with a large support team divided into smaller specialised teams that each handles different errands. In order to optimise the performance and minimise the time the support ticket spends in the system it is necessary to sort incoming tickets and assign them the correct support team. This task is both time consuming and labour intensive, FluX can take care of this hassle for you.